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Central Bank News is dedicated to being a key source of central banking news and intelligence, the Central Bank Information center hosts a variety of key resources on central banks:


In addition to these key resources, Central Bank News publishes weekly and monthly reviews of monetary policy decisions plus analysis pieces, such as those listed below:

What is Central Banking and Monetary Policy?

This section provides a comprehensive reference and introduction to the topic of central banking and monetary policy, addressing some of the core concepts and terminology. [note this section is presently a work in progress - looking to do an official release soon]

Central Banking and Monetary Policy Concepts:

  1. What is a Central Bank?
  2. What is Monetary Policy?

Central Banking and Monetary Policy Terminology:

  1. Interest Rate
  2. Required Reserve Ratio
  3. Inflation Target
  4. Quantitative Easing
  5. Open Market Operations
  6. Money Supply
  7. Repurchase Agreement (Repo)
  8. Discount Window





The Exceptional Central Bank  

The European Central Bank should adopt quantitative easing now rather than as a last resort  Aug 2nd 2014

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The Exceptional Central Bank  

The European Central Bank should adopt quantitative easing now rather than as a last resort