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'Scientific Research and Strategic Analysis' is targeting to transform Scientific Mehods, Research and Analysis into Real World application, and Formulation of Management Methods into Strategic Management and Governance.



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In the scientific and academic space, economics is an important subject, which deserves the Real World approach to get utmost cognition. In itself, it is not an ideology; that is what people make out of it. Disregarding to politics, with applying economics in a right way, we would have far less economic disasters globally at this time. Take this huge European disaster with the Euro, a currency, which should have not come to live even in the first place, when it was still in the planning stage. Let us look on economics as a solid genuine subject in academia and professional space; do not listen to a particular group of people (actually very poor ideologists; they call themselves 'elite'), who wish people to get their slaves. In the end, economics should not be abused to provide single minded arguments towards even further disasters.
Dr. Thomas C. Heynen
Principal of GeoCapital Economics